IT Solutions: Helping You Work Smarter, Faster.

We Streamline IT

For the intergration of a full range of IT services for your business talk to us.

We Provide Solid Support

Backing up our clients.  
Troubleshooting and
maintaining equipment.

We have Security Solutions

Ensuring data and documents are safe. Encrypting for security. Using the cloud for flexibility.

IT Consulting

From start-ups to growing business, we provide IT help and support. We work with a number of Cloud services; Office 365,  VoIP, encryption, software and more. Talk to us for IT help.

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IT Support

We can take care of the ongoing maintenance of your computer, IT hardware and software. We work with businesses providing IT help,  trouble shooting and general support.

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IT Security

We implement systems which help businesses to protect their data, share files safely and stay protected online. This helps mobilise your workforce in a secure and productive way.

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Configuring IT Connectivity

We establish speedy voice and data networks for our clients. Configuring their IT infrastructure for efficient, cost effective connectivity to clients and staff on the move.

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IT Help for all phases of business…

We have IT solutions to help support your business, saving you time and money. We have competitive packages for internet connections, configurations and cloud hosted services. Our VoIP phone lines and broadband management can consolidate communication channels. We place an emphasis on software and data security, cloud use, antivirus and encryption. We are currently helping clients prepare for the GDPR.

Zersion is a UK-wide business. We build lasting relationships with our clients, and manage ongoing IT needs. We can work as the ‘IT department’ for your business. It is noticeable that businesses we have worked, with once set-up, can run very smoothly. Our headquarters are in London with an office in Richmond Upon Thames.

If you are looking for a friendly face to be regularly onsite get in touch. Many of our clients operate in South West London, Kingston with some further afield.

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