Cloud Hosted Services

Empowering business with cloud computing.

Our clients are all moving to cloud computing as it allows for collaboration and greater sharing of information by users. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services – servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more – over the Internet or “the cloud”. This way of working is empowering clients businesses because it allows them to store information and work in their own cloud space so documents are available at all times from anywhere. Our clients are finding that cloud hosted services are also very cost effective, they pay for what is used rather than purchasing servers for onsite use. Files are stored online so they can be accessed from any location via the internet.

We work with cloud hosted services everyday and can put together a solution for your business from the following:

  • Cloud hosted database.
  • Cloud online backup.
  • Cloud networking.
  • Ecommerce hosted.
  • Microsoft Exchange online email.
  • Microsoft Office 365.
  • Microsoft SharePoint online.
  • Private cloud hosting.
  • Web application hosting.
  • Website hosting.
  • Secure File Sync and Share.

Microsoft Office 365 is a perfect fit for businesses that need Microsoft Office, providing professional email, online storage, sharing of documents and an instant messaging service.

The Cloud is hosted in data centres. The data centres we recommend house the servers and are compliant with ISO 27001. They also have protection compliance certification, making them secure, reliable and cost effective. 

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