Manned Support

Every business needs IT help. Call us your IT department.

We offer you the following support services:

  • Manned telephone support.
  • Monitored email support.
  • Remote assistance where possible.
  • Planned or emergency onsite support.
  • Monthly system health checks.
  • PC and Mac support.
  • IT network support.

Choose from pay as you go or support hours via a retainer contract. Either way there is a friendly face in the UK for you to talk to. The benefits of each option are outlined below.

Pay as you go advantages and terms:

  • You can use services as and when you need them.
  • You get billed when you use services.
  • Payment is on receipt of invoice.
  • Stock paid in full on delivery.

Contracted hours advantages and terms:

  • A set amount of hours per month.
  • Prioritised response times.
  • You manage your IT support expenditure.
  • We keep tabs on your spending, and do proactive maintenance.
  • Payment within 14 days from date of invoice.
  • Stock paid in full on delivery.

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